Tarot Spread - Examining Your Mental Health


World Mental Health Awareness Day is today (October 10th) and I really wanted to share a spread on the topic.

We all have mental health! Just like physical health it's something we all have to check in with and maintain.

Quick tips for gaining control when you're losing grip with your mental health/feeling unhealthy: 
- Evaluate where you are right now. Try to identify how you're feeling, how you're acting, what thoughts you're having. 

- Try to pinpoint what’s wrong. Did something happen to make you feel upset? Were you thinking about something that triggered you? Did you hear lyrics, see something on TV or an ad that brought up these feelings?

- Try to figure out why it’s happening. Why is it bothering you? Why is it making you react negatively?

- Is it something you actually CAN change? Can you leave the party where the person triggering you is? Is this something traumatic that happened in the past that you think about sometimes? Certain events won't be resolved this very second but you can decide to let them pass by instead of attaching to them.

- Ask someone you trust for their opinion. Is there someone who can validate your feelings? Someone you trust who can tell you if you're overthinking a situation or reading into something?

- Work toward quieting the mind. Meditate, listen to happy music, watch your favorite tv show, take a bath, go for a run. Time to pull out those tools you have in your back pocket that you know will help make you feel better long term.